Stefan Körzell

Member of the DGB Federal Executive Committee

Olaf Lies

Lower Saxony's Minister for the Environment, Energy, Construction and Climate Protection

Mechthild Wörsdörfer

Director of Sustainability, Technology and Perspectives (STO) of the International Energy Agency

Berthold Goeke

Ministerial Director, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety

Why to attend Future Offshore Wind?

“With our conference, we brought the topic of offshore wind energy into political Berlin and showed what the future holds for offshore wind energy.
We were able to show that the industry currently has many technological and economic success stories to tell: greatly reduced costs, floating wind farm foundations or innovative turbines in the 12-15 MW class for the next few years.
We had put together an interesting programme with international speakers, technical innovations and important political actors and thus appealed equally to interested participants from politics and business”.

Uwe Knickrehm, Managing Director

„Germany has coined the term energy system transformation worldwide and has also been a leader in offshore wind energy for many years. In the meantime, many other countries such as the Netherlands, France and Great Britain are catching up and developing holistic concepts in which offshore wind plays an important role. In addition to the development options, it is interesting to compare the different regulatory frameworks and learn from each other if necessary. In Germany, for example, this year politicians must find an answer to the question of how much offshore wind is desired in Germany in the future and what a comprehensive solution for decarbonizing all sectors could look like. We therefore have enough interesting topics and current questions for the second FUTURE OFFSHORE.”

Catrin Jung, Chairwomen of the Board

Who we are

BWO, the Association of German Offshore Windfarm Operators represents all companies that plan, build or operate wind farms in Germany. In this way, we are bundling the strength and the know-how for a successful transition to renewable energies in Germany and Europe.

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What we do

We bundle our members’ experience and know-how and leverage that expertise to generate policy recommendations. We provide a platform for our members by representing their interests and acting as a point of contact in order to ensure the exchange of information between members.

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BWO members